Jaggy Thistle Testimonals

Jaggy Thistle Testimonials

Great Trip, helpful staff, Falkirk Wheel and Lock staff very friendly with lots of good help and advice.
Jaggy Thistle ideal for small groups on day trips, and grandchildren thought it was great.
Easy to learn how to navigate the boat.
A great day out!
~ Peter Nelson


The Jaggy Thistle had everything that was required to make the voyage enjoyable. It was a wonderfully interesting trip full of surprises and delights…. must come again!
~ Ms Caldwell


Helpful staff, clear instructions and advice offered. Lovely day out that I would highly recommend to friends and family.
~Ms Arnott


Hello everyone, On my arrival back home on Sunday night I discovered that we accidentally took the hire feed back form home. The attached pictures can be used by you, of course. So here comes our feedback: Thank you to everyone on the re-union canal boats, you gave us a fantastic day in the beautifully kept Jaggy Thistle on the Canal.What a great day we had. We did arrive slightly late, due to some navigating problems around Falkirk and were greeted with a friendly smile and a superbly prepared boat. The Jaggy Thistle sat waiting for us, ready for our day of adventure and relaxation on the beautiful canal. The handover was very friendly and very professional, we just admired the beautiful Jaggy Thistle, no speck of rust or dirt to be found and even the kettle had been pre-boiled, for our convenience. All instruction were really clear and the information booklets very helpful. We had a most amazing family day both adventurous, going through the Falkirk Wheel, the locks and tunnels, but at the same time we could slow down and just enjoy the different pace and closeness to water, wind and amazingly the sun. The blue bells were still in bloom and the fresh spring green gave the perfect backdrop for a great range of birds to spot. The boat handled so well that at no point we had any problems and the lovely people at the locks made the going through really easy. Back at the re-union canal boats centre we were again welcomed with a wave and a smile and the handover was very easy and uncomplicated. Absolutely brilliant and we would recommend a day on the Jaggy Thistle at any time!
~ The Sutter Family