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“Great Day! Memorable and productive, very friendly staff – we were very well looked after. Food was good and plentiful, thanks you!”
Scottish Adoption Team Building Day March 2011

“We had a great time, Phil, Christine and Iain were fantastic crea and couldn’t have been more helpful. Jasmine and the booking team made it all very straight forward. Superb venue, really different, kids loved being out on deck and we didn’t even need to use all our games in reserve. Thanks so much, we’ll spread the word and look forward to seeing you again sometime. Highly recommended!”
Izzy’s 7th birthday, Oct 2010

Considering I don’t do boats, I had a fabulous time! Crew were very friendly.”
Laura’s Hen Party, April 2010

“My management committee thoroughly enjoyed the day. Personally, I found the barge a great venue for a teambuilding/training event.
Usually at these sorts of events, I’m toiling by mid afternoon, but my concentration levels were still high at the end of the day and I honestly think this had to do with being on the barge.”

Broomhouse Empowerment Project

“Focused, relaxed, lovely setting, pace of boat helped creativity and we enjoyed the refreshment on tap!”
Scottish Social Enterprise Academy

“We all loved the trip – the kids were just thrilled to be on a boat… even the toilet was interesting to them!”
Craigmillar Community Arts

“Excellent staff & facilities, sensitive to group needs, ownership of the boat for the day and felt like a good day out – staff and welcome to be commended!”
The Welcoming Multicultural Exchange / Adult Learning Project

‘Good luck Re-Union’
There were two young skippers called Sam & Jay,
Who bought a canal boat so people could play,
On long sunny weekends in scenic Ratho,
Haven’t you heard its the place to go?

Its called Re-Union – now that’s a cool name,
And its aim is inclusive – we’re all one in the same.
Everyone now has the chance to cruise,
Give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose.

Scotland UnLtd gave them some cash
So the venture could launch with a really big splash!
Now all that’s left is to wish them good luck…
But watch out – you almost mowed down that poor duck!

by Eileen Inglis
& with best wishes from the folks at Scotland UnLtd & SENSCOT

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