Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a trip?
A. Easy, simply choose your boat (Lochrin Belle in Edinburgh or Jaggy Thistle in Falkirk) from the ‘Boats and Booking’ menu.  For Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh, choose the book button next to the kind of hire you would like (see next question), which will reveal a calendar with available days and times in purple.  For Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk, simply choose the day (in purple) you would like to book from the calendar on the page.

Q. Cruise/Static? Charity/Private?
A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) At our venue in Edinburgh we offer rates for cruising (moving boat) and a discounted rate for static (moored boat) hire. Choose which you would prefer.  Private hire is for individuals and clubs who’d like to use the boat for their event.  We offer a discounted rate for registered charities.

A. (Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk) We don’t currently offer a fixed charity discount to hire Jaggy Thistle.  If you are interested in using Jaggy Thistle for your project please contact us.

Q. What can Re-Union offer as a venue?
A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) Our Edinburgh boat is a 60ft wide-beam boat which is perfect for all types of events. It is one of the most unique venues in Edinburgh, is fully wheelchair accessible, has its own kitchen and passes amazing scenery as it cruises along the Union Canal. For more details take a look at our Lochrin Belle page for more information or contact us.  To help us protect the canal environment please do not bring party poppers, confetti and glitter on board – it is more difficult than other litter to clean from the canal.

Q. What are the catering options?
A. (Both) Catering in Edinburgh is provided by Delilicious, please download our 2018 buffet menu. You are welcome to bring food on board both Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk and Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh and have full use of the on-board kitchens.

Q. My friend is a wheelchair user, is the boat accessible?

A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) With a platform lift, ramp and toilet facilities, Lochrin Belle is comfortably accessible for all passengers.

Q. Where does the boat go?
A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) For a booking of 2 hours the boat leaves Edinburgh Quay, travels to Slateford and returns.  For a 4 hour booking we reach Murrayburn and return.  For full day bookings of 7 hours, the boat leaves Edinburgh Quay, travels to Ratho and returns.

We usually pick you up / collect you from the Edinburgh Quay Basin, or the Leamington Lift Bridge. To collect you from the pontoon at Harrison Park incurs a cost of £25, the Wester Hailes turning point is an additional £100 and from Ratho is an additional £175. Do ask if you have any specific questions about your collection point, or if you need a different stopping / dropping off point – we’ll do our best to help.

A. (Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk) You will have the unique opportunity to sail 35m in the air on the one and only Falkirk Wheel, through two locks and onto the Union Canal.

Q. How many people can come on board?
A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) We can carry up to 35 passengers on Lochrin Belle depending on the activity. Our layout is very flexible. Visit our gallery to see some examples.

A. (Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk) We can carry up to 8 passengers only (including designated driver(s).

Q. Can we bring alcohol on board?
A. (Lochrin Belle, Edinburgh) We do permit the consumption of alcohol on board, a corkage fee of £35 per trip for those who wish to do so. Passenger and crew safety is our paramount concern, if necessary, the Skipper will ask a group to desist if he feels anyone may be in jeopardy. If the Skipper is ignored it may mean your trip is terminated early and passengers asked to leave the boat.

A. (Jaggy Thistle, Falkirk) Alcohol is permitted on board and corkage is included in your day hire.  Please drink responsibly.  Passenger safety is paramount to us and so please adhere to instructions given by our Falkirk team when collecting the boat.

Q. Can we see the venue before our booking to check its suitability.
A. Yes, get in touch with us and we will arrange a pre-event visit for you.